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Don’t forget, if you want to start a business with partners, it is important to protect yourself in case of unforeseen events with a shareholders’ agreement.

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Numerical name vs. personalized name?

Your legal name must be used in all your official communications (contracts, invoices) with third parties. Having a personalized name allows you to register the legal name you want in word form (ex: Lex Start Inc. Platform). If you do not wish to use a personalized name, the government will automatically define a numerical name for your company (ex: 1234-5678 Québec Inc.).

Share capital

Lex Start forms companies with a share capital of 2 classes (A and B) and an issue of common shares (A) for the founders so that they have the same voting rights, dividend rights and a right on the value of the company (remainder). This share capital also offers the possibility of issuing Class B (non-voting) shares.
In order to be able to pay different dividends to different shareholders (more flexibility), to be able to issue stock options or to bring in investors, you can opt for our share capital of 13 share classes.

Assignment of intellectual property for co-founders (IP)

Have you or someone else created a technology, a logo, a website, or invented your company name? Your company intends to use any of these creations in the course of its activities? It is recommended to make sure that you assign the intellectual property on these creations to your company, this will allow it to use and modify these creations without limitation and that they become its assets, which it can sell or license one day.

Professional Order

Professional orders have requirements regarding the incorporation of their members into a corporation in order to practice their profession. These requirements may, for example, govern the name of the corporation, impose restrictions on its activities or require that some or all of its shareholders or directors be members of the professional order in question. Before your incorporation, ask your professional order about the requirements imposed on you. Your incorporation kit will be adapted to these requirements so that your articles of incorporation and minute book comply.

Express Incorporation

The normal incorporation time is approximately 5 business days. By choosing the express option, we commit to incorporate your company within 2 business days from the receipt of your form.


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