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To earn the cashback, the bank account must be opened within 3 months of the conclusion of the service agreement with Lex Start. Businesses must: Open a business banking account, the business must keep the eligible products and services for at least 24 months. If this condition is not met, the business will have to refund the Bank an amount corresponding to the period during which it did not keep the eligible products and services, within 30 days of receiving the request for refund. The cashback will be deposited to the bank account opened as part of this offer no later than 2 months after the account opening. The benefits granted under this offer may not be transferred, accumulated or combined with any other National Bank financial packages, promotional offers or benefits, and are not retroactive. The offer may be modified, extended or withdrawn at any time, without prior notice, at any time.

Online Incorporation from 700$

Incorporation Kit includes :

  • Statute and certificate of incorporation.
  • Digital minutes book (Organizing resolutions and regulations).
  • The share capital and its description (8 classes of shares).
  • Governmental fees.
  • The review of the documents by one of our partner lawyers as stipulated in the mandate.

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