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Entrepreneurs too often neglect the legal dimension of their project and suffer the consequences later down the line. Conflicts between shareholders, unpaid invoices or debt are particularly damaging to the future of the company.

Entrepreneurs also tend to underestimate the importance of legal side of their business as a lever for the growth of their project, especially when financing and resale opportunities are at stake. In the same way you go see a general practitioner doctor, it is preferable to be accompanied by a legal “general practitioner” who is familiar with your business issues and will be able to be responsive when you need them.

A legal consultation allows you to quickly receive relevant advice on your situation in relation to your business. You will be able to benefit from a 30-minute telephone consultation with a Quebec Bar lawyer in business law, commercial law, corporate law, intellectual property (trademark / copyright) or labor law. All legal consultations respect solicitor-client privilege, as required by law.

* This generalist consultation is not a legal opinion, a tax opinion, nor an in-depth study of a document. Our lawyers cannot consult you on family law, immigration law, criminal law, tax law or accounting matters.

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