Whether your company or organization is incorporated at the federal or provincial level, you also have the obligation to register it in at least one province in Canada. Normally, upon incorporation, a corporation or organization is registered in the province where its head office is located. You can then register it in any other province where you do business, that is, where you have a mailing address or an establishment. Please note that some companies or organizations are exempt from these obligations. If Lex Start incorporated you, your registration has been take care of in the province of your head office. If you are unsure whether to register, please contact us through the chat at the bottom right of your screen.

This kit includes:


– The production of the registration documents to the competent governmental registry.
– The government fees


This kit does not include:


– The incorporation of your company or your organization

– Your records book and regulations of your company or organization

*Please contact us if you are not a Canadian resident


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Records book

A minute book is the legal history of your business since its incorporation. It contains the resolutions, the minutes as well as the updates and any other legal documents of your company. Note that you are legally required to keep such a book up to date at your head office, whether your company is incorporated provincially or federally.

This kit includes:

– The minutes book in a digital format generated by our technology (constitutive resolutions and internal regulations)
– The electronic signature of the minutes book
– The support of our customer service

Beware this product works for a corporation with up to 5 shareholders all Canadian residents. If this is not the case, please contact us before purchasing, additional fees may apply.
If you have not made any resolutions since your incorporation, we will also need to update your minutes book for each year since your incorporation.
Please contact us if this is the case.

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