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Shareholders’ agreement


The customizable template without validation of a shareholders’ agreement is a contract that aims to regulate and structure the relations between the shareholders, but also to provide for their rights and obligations towards the company. This contract allows you to foresee the consequences arising from the occurrence of various events likely to cause conflicts (departure of a shareholder, death of a shareholder, sale / transfer of shares, etc.) and thereby protects your company’s interests in the event of a conflict.

Our start-up Shareholders’ Agreement includes :


A good shareholders’ agreement will anticipate many situations that may arise in the life of a business, thereby protecting the interests of your company in case of a disagreement.

Shares Transfert

The agreement will typically regulate the transfer of shares, as this is frequently a source of conflict between shareholders.
For example, you should plan for the departure of a shareholder.

Implement practical solutions

Without a shareholders’ agreement, the applicable laws will intervene to settle disputes. This means that shareholders will have to refer to the law, to an arbitrator or even to court to resolve their issues, which could be time consuming and expensive.
However, these solutions won’t always be catered to the specific needs of your business. With a shareholders’ agreement, you can establish practical solutions to conflicts that may arise, which will be better suited to your business.

Shareholders’ agreement

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