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Incorporation in Alberta

Incorporation in Alberta : federal or provincial?

In Alberta, a business owner who wants to incorporate his or her enterprise may do so using the provincial law or federal law: the former is the Alberta Business Corporations Act (hereinafter “ABCA”), and the latter is the Canada Business Corporations Act (hereinafter “CBCA”). This article will present the different reasons and advantages of incorporating under both laws in Alberta, and look into some of the practical factors to keep in mind when incorporating your business.
Incorporation in British Columbia

Incorporation in British Columbia : federal or provincial?

In British Columbia, an entrepreneur may incorporate his or her business under the provincial or the federal law; the former is the British Columbia Business Corporations Act, and the latter is the Canada Business Corporations Act. In this article, we will outline the different reasons and advantages of incorporating under the federal and the provincial law in British Columbia, and look into some of the general considerations to keep in mind when incorporating.

All about shareholders in Ontario

Although we have addressed the question of the three main actors of an Ontario corporation in a previous article, the subject of the shareholder remains a key issue. Thanks to this actor, the Ontario corporation takes on its full meaning. Today, Lex Start will explain the ins and outs of this role that can sometimes intimidate entrepreneurs, and will demystify the rights and obligations that come with being a shareholder.

The officer in a Quebec corporation

Thanks to the article “The three types of actors in a Quebec company“, you now understand the different stakeholders of a corporation. If the role of shareholder seems clear to you, many entrepreneurs still confuse the notions of “directors” and “officers”. Today, we set the record straight and explain what the directors of a Quebec corporation do.
Incorporation Ontario

Incorporation in Ontario: federally or provincially ?

The following article outlines the advantages of incorporating federally and provincially in Ontario, and sheds light onto some of the considerations you may keep in mind when choosing your law of incorporation.
Incorporation fédéral ou provincial au Québec

Federal or provincial incorporation in Quebec ?

Let me take you back to elementary school for a little geography lesson: Canada is composed of ten provinces and three territories. What does this have to do with entrepreneurship? It’s simple, Canada’s structure and Constitution means that entrepreneurs have a choice: to incorporate federally or provincially. So, under which regime should your future corporation be incorporated ?
Société par actions vs société en nom collectif

Corporation VS General Partnership

Is a general partnership a more advantageous legal form for entrepreneurs than a corporation ? Of course, any answer to that question must be nuanced. Indeed, the answer will vary depending on the needs of the entrepreneur.