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All about shareholders in Ontario

Although we have addressed the question of the three main actors of an Ontario corporation in a previous article, the subject of the shareholder remains a key issue. Thanks to this actor, the Ontario corporation takes on its full meaning. Today, Lex Start will explain the ins and outs of this role that can sometimes intimidate entrepreneurs, and will demystify the rights and obligations that come with being a shareholder.
Actors of a corporation

The three types of actors within an Ontario corporation

An entrepreneur is often defined as a businessperson. When it comes to a corporation, especially a start-ups, “entrepreneur” implies to take on many roles. We have heard the phrase « It takes all kinds to make a world ». It takes 3 kinds to create a corporation : a shareholder, a director and an officer. After explaining to you what are the differences between a federal incorporation & a provincial incorporation in Ontario in a previous article, Lex Start will now outline the protagonists of a corporation, explaining each one’s role in a mini-summary.
Shareholders' agreement

Shareholders’ agreement in Canada: essential provisions

Following our previous article on the importance of having a shareholders’ agreement in Canada, this article offers an overview of the most common clauses in a “regular” shareholders’ agreement or a unanimous shareholders’ agreement.

Shareholders’ agreement in Canada : why ?

In our previous article about the most common business structures in Ontario, we briefly discussed two protection tools available to the shareholders of a corporation, that is to say the shareholders, and the unanimous shareholders’ agreements.
Shareholder in Quebec

All about shareholders in Quebec 

Among the three main actors of a Quebec corporation, there is the famous "shareholder". If the word scares you, do not worry: today, Lex Start demystifies the rights and obligations that arise from being a shareholder.
Société par actions vs société en nom collectif

Corporation VS General Partnership

Is a general partnership a more advantageous legal form for entrepreneurs than a corporation ? Of course, any answer to that question must be nuanced. Indeed, the answer will vary depending on the needs of the entrepreneur.
Les acteurs dans une société par actions - Lexstart

The three types of actors in a Quebec corporation

“It takes all kinds to make a world”. However, for a Quebec corporation, only three people are needed : the shareholder, the director and the officer. Today, Lexstart presents a sneak preview of the protagonists of the Quebec corporation.