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Me Paola Lafrance

Me Paola Lafrance


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The legal consultation

Too often, entrepreneurs neglect the legal dimension of their project and suffer the consequences. Conflicts between shareholders or unpaid bills are particularly detrimental to the company’s future.

Moreover, entrepreneurs underestimate the legal aspects as a driver of growth for their project, namely to resale or to raise funds. Just like health care, it is preferable to be accompanied by a “generalist” who knows your business issues well and will be able to be responsive when you need it.

A consultation with a lawyer allows you to receive quick and relevant advice regarding your business situation, under the cover of professional secrecy. You can benefit from a 30-minute telephone consultation with a lawyer from the Quebec Bar in business law, commercial law, corporate law, intellectual property (trademark/copyright), and labour law.

*This general consultation is not a legal opinion, a tax advice, nor an in-depth study of a document. It does not cover other areas of law such as family law, immigration law, criminal law, tax law or accounting.

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