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Frequently asked questions - Manage my corporate informations

The annual update involves updating your company’s information with the relevant authorities, such as the Quebec Business Registry (REQ), the Ontario Business Registry, or Corporations Canada. It’s a legal requirement that ensures your company remains compliant.

The annual update should be performed every year on the anniversary of your company’s creation. It is important to meet this deadline to avoid penalties or the dissolution of your company.

The minute book is a register that contains the minutes of the meetings of shareholders and directors of your company. It is important to keep it up to date to document the decisions made and important events, and to comply with legal requirements.

The amendment of the bylaws is the process of changing the provisions contained in your company’s bylaws. You might need to do this when you want to change elements such as the company’s legal name, its share capital, or if you incorporated yourself and your bylaws are not compliant.

The required documents to perform a modification of bylaws may vary depending on the nature of the modification. However, generally, you will need to prepare a modification resolution, specific forms, and provide supporting documents such as general meeting minutes.

To register your company, you will need to follow the specific registration procedures in your jurisdiction. This may involve completing registration forms, providing required documents, and paying applicable registration fees. It is recommended to seek legal professional assistance to guide you through this process.

The dissolution of a company is the process of permanently closing it. It may be necessary when you decide to end your business activities or when you no longer meet legal requirements.

To proceed with the dissolution of your company, you need to follow certain specific steps, such as drafting a dissolution resolution, closing bank accounts, and notifying the relevant authorities. It is recommended to seek assistance from a legal professional and an accountant to guide you through this process, especially when it comes to liquidating the assets.

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