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Manage my website and online sales? This can be full of challenges, which is why at Lexstart we provide you with a terms and conditions template that allows you to inform site users of the rules to follow and to protect the interests of your business.

To manage your online sales, we also offer general sales conditions that allow you to define rules such as return or refund policies or the guarantees you offer.

These documents help you ensure a quality experience for your customers and avoid disputes while strengthening customer trust through greater transparency.

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Frequently asked questions - Manage my website and sales

Terms and conditions on your website provide clear information about your products or services, payment terms, delivery policies, copyright and trademarks, and limitation of liability. They establish the rules and rights of using your website, prevent disputes, protect your business, and build trust with your customers.

In Quebec, a privacy policy is mandatory under the Personal Information Protection Act in the Private Sector (Bill 25). This policy informs your clients about the collection, use, and disclosure of their personal information, as well as their privacy rights. It strengthens your clients’ trust, demonstrates your commitment to protecting their data, and helps you comply with legal requirements regarding confidentiality.

The terms and conditions of sale define the rights and obligations of the parties, the terms of payment, delivery, warranty, returns or exchanges, as well as limits of liability. They establish clear relationships with your customers, prevent conflicts, protect your business interests, and enhance customer trust in your products.

A clear refund and return policy informs your customers about the conditions for returning products, the timeframes, refund methods, and exceptions. This helps avoid misunderstandings, disputes, and customer dissatisfaction. It also demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction and strengthens trust in your business.

It’s advisable to enter into a service contract with a client when providing paid services. This contract establishes the terms of service provision, the obligations of the parties, rates, payment terms, responsibilities, the duration of the contract, and remedies in case of disputes. It helps to clarify expectations, protect your interests, and maintain a professional relationship with your clients.

A SAAS software license agreement is an agreement between you, as the copyright holder of a software, and the user. It specifies the terms of use of the software, intellectual property rights, restrictions, updates, technical support, warranties, and limits of liability. It’s necessary when you want to grant users the right to use your software while protecting your intellectual property rights.

While online contract templates may seem convenient, it’s crucial to tailor them to your specific situation. Lexstart offers legal templates drafted by attorneys, which, combined with our technology, can be customized based on your responses. Most of our templates cover basic situations in business startup. Additionally, we have a team of lawyers who can assist in drafting, reviewing, and personalizing legal documents, as well as providing advice and recommendations suited to your situation. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a personalized legal consultation.

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