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Start your business


Incorporation of physicians

Incorporating a company means bringing your project to life by creating a legal entity separate from you. This article delves into the motivations behind this process and highlights the advantages offered by Lexstart, a reference choice for healthcare professionals.
Choisir le bon statut juridique

Choosing the right legal status : INC, NPO, COOP…?

We'll explore several key options available to entrepreneurs and managers: incorporated companies (INC), general partnerships (GPs), non-profit organizations (NPOs), self-employed workers and cooperatives (COOPs).
Créer votre entreprise au Québec

Create your company in Quebec : essential steps

Dive into the crucial steps that turn entrepreneurial dreams into thriving realities in Quebec. Discover why starting a business here is so much more than just doing business, and explore the essentials for getting started.

Run your business

Les acteurs dans une société par actions - Lexstart

The three types of actors in a Quebec corporation

“It takes all kinds to make a world”. However, for a Quebec corporation, only three people are needed : the shareholder, the director and the officer. Today, Lexstart presents a sneak preview of the protagonists of the Quebec corporation.
Shareholder in Quebec

All about shareholders in Quebec 

Among the three main actors of a Quebec corporation, there is the famous "shareholder". If the word scares you, do not worry: today, Lex Start demystifies the rights and obligations that arise from being a shareholder.
Administrateurs d'une société par actions

The director in a Quebec corporation

Today, Lex Start explains the ins and outs of one of the pillars of the corporation: the director. In Quebec, the director is first and foremost responsible for the general supervision and management of the activities of a Québec corporation.

Protect your business


Responsibility of entreprises and Quebec Privacy Act

Our first segment about the protection of personal information in Quebec covered the basic legal concepts applicable in the situation where an enterprise is subject to the Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Act”).
personal information

The protection of personal information in Quebec

In Quebec, two specific laws govern the collection, communication and use of personal information by an enterprise in the course of its operations: the Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

Registration and legal publicity in Quebec

In the province of Quebec and in Canada, certain companies must register with “Canada Corporation” or the “Registraire des entreprises du Québec” (REQ) as soon as they are created. Today, you’ll learn which companies must register. We will see below which companies have to register, and with which authority(ies).


formation du personnel - staff training

Staff training & RPRP

Although professional training may seem costly for companies, it is beneficial for companies that want to improve their employees’ skills, attract new talent, motivate their employees and adapt to the changing market.


Business structures

The most common business structures in Ontario

Starting a business requires you to think about multiple considerations among which the business structure plays a fundamental role. Any business has to have a sound structure under which it operates and grows. In Ontario, the law allows an entrepreneur to organize his or her activities under various structures that have specific legal, tax, and operating characteristics.
Business accelerators

The 5 best business accelerators in Montreal

Creating a business is an intense process with many competing emotions. The combination of excitement and stress, coupled with fatigue from long hours of work, can be a difficult to manage. Therefore, a helping hand is a luxury you cannot pass up. As a young start-up in the legal tech world, we at Lex Start are well aware of the incredible support business accelerators can provide nascent start-ups.

Individuals with significant control

As of June 2019, it is mandatory for all corporations incorporated under the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA) to maintain a register showing all individuals who have significant control over the corporation (s. 21.1(1) CBCA). By choosing to incorporate with Lex Start, this register will be created for you at incorporation, but it is important to understand the implications of this register to ensure that it is maintained throughout the life of your company.