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We offer a comprehensive range of online legal services for managing your business. We protect entrepreneurs and enable them to focus on their core activities.

Whether you want to manage your shareholders, corporate information, contracts, or even your service providers and employees, we have everything you need to help you succeed.

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Updating declaration

Mandatory for the compliance of your company, your annual or current update in 3 business days.

Minute book

Keep your business compliant. Is your minute book up to date?

Amendment of articles

We offer a simple and efficient amendment of articles service to keep your company compliante.

Shareholders agreement

Protect yourself and your partners with a shareholder agreement. Stack the odds in your favor.

Terms & conditions

Define the terms of your relationship with your customers using our terms and conditions template.

General conditions of sales

Protect your business during online transactions with our template for general terms and conditions of sale.

Service agreement

Ensure a professional and transparent collaboration with your clients using our service contract template.

Internship contrat

Clearly define the terms of your collaboration with your interns using our internship contract template.




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Our customer service is here to assist you from the formation of your company to the creation of your shareholder agreement, and through all your contracts, we help you build a solid legal foundation. Our team, fully dedicated to your satisfaction, supports you free of charge in every legal step to ensure the success of your business.

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Frequently asked questions - Run my business

Lexstart offers online legal services that enable you to easily manage your corporate information. We provide tools and advice for organizing your legal documents, maintaining legal compliance, and managing important updates. For instance, we can assist you in drafting minutes of general meetings, updating your company’s bylaws, and managing your corporate registers.

Lexstart offers specialized legal services for shareholder management. We can assist you in drafting customized shareholder agreements, managing stock transfers, issuing new shares, and framing the relationships between shareholders. For instance, we can aid in the development of a stock repurchase agreement or the incorporation of a new shareholder. In certain situations, the involvement of a tax specialist is necessary, which is why we have partnered with professionals in this field.

We can assist you in drafting terms and conditions, online sales contracts, and software license agreements (SAAS) to protect your interests and facilitate your transactions. We can also support you in developing privacy policies compliant with current regulations, including personal information protection policies. This ensures that your business operations are legally sound and that your interactions with customers and users are secure and trustworthy.

We can assist you in drafting employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, harassment prevention policies, and other legal documents necessary for managing your staff. For instance, we can help you develop an employment contract or a telecommuting policy. This service ensures that your workplace is legally compliant and fosters a safe, productive environment for your employees. By having clear and professionally drafted documents, you can mitigate risks and clarify expectations for both the employer and the employees, contributing to a harmonious and efficient workplace.

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