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    Frequently asked questions

    Lexstart is a pioneering legal platform, utilizing technology to transform access to legal services for entrepreneurs. Our team is committed to simplifying the complexity of business law. We support businesses from their inception to their success, handling all necessary administrative procedures. Moreover, thanks to our automated document creation technology, we provide customized standard contract templates based on your responses.

    Lexstart provides a range of online legal services that empower you to manage your business with confidence. This includes kits for incorporation, shareholder agreements, registration, and much more. Additionally, we offer tailored attorney consultations for more specific corporate law needs.

    Our online services are designed to be simple and convenient. You select the service kit that suits you, fill out an online form, and we take care of the rest. The entire process is electronic for your convenience.

    Absolutely! Lexstart simplifies the process of starting a business. Our online legal service kits guide you through each step, and our support team is always there to assist if needed. With Lexstart, launching a business is fast, affordable, and secure.

    Absolutely. In addition to our innovative technology, we are also a team of experienced corporate lawyers who can assist you with all your legal needs. We have the expertise and resources to help you manage your business with confidence.

    Yes, Lexstart is much more than just an online legal platform. It’s also a corporate law firm (business law) comprised of a team of experienced attorneys who can assist clients with all their specific legal needs.

    Choosing Lexstart means opting for speed, affordability, and security for your legal needs. Lexstart is unique in that we blend legal expertise with technology to make legal services more accessible. Furthermore, we provide unlimited and free customer support to assist you at every step of the process. Our solutions are designed to be straightforward and practical, enabling you to save time and money.