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The incorporation, whether it is under federal law or provincial law, is the legal form most used by entrepreneurs to create a business.

Shareholder’s agreement

A shareholder’s agreement is a contract between the shareholders of a corporation that regulates their rights and duties.

Minute books updates

Every year, an annual update has to be made by a corporation and added to its corporate records book. A company’s corporate records book is a document tracing the DNA of a corporation.

Website and mobile app

Including the terms and conditions and, if applicable, the conditions of sale, these documents are agreements made between a company, its clients and the user of that company’s website.

Trademark deposit

A word, a group of words, a drawing or a distinctive sign, a trademark enables your company to stand out. By registering your trademark, you will protect it for a renewable period of 15 years.

Service agreement

This contract aims to regulate the relationship between a person providing services (the Service provider) to another person or to a company (the Client)

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