Share issuance


A shareholder is a person (natural or legal) who has invested money in a company, in exchange for “shares” in this company. It is possible that a person wants to become a shareholder of your company, that a shareholder wishes to sell his shares, or that new shares are issued to a shareholder (new or existing). For these changes to be valid, it must be the subject of resolutions and updates to the registrars and to the administration of your company.

This kit includes:

– The drafting of all resolutions for this change of shareholding to be valid (resolution of shareholders, resolution of directors, registers, share transfer agreement)
– Changes to the registrars (provincial and / or federal) to take this change into account
– The reviewing of the documents by one of our lawyers, as provided for in the mandate

* This kit does not include tax advice preparation. It is recommended that you work with a tax expert to ensure that you assign the correct valuation to the shares transferred.

* This kit does not include the withdrawal of shareholders from Revenue Canada, Revenu Québec, bank accounts and social media accounts.

Share issuance

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