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formation du personnel - staff training

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Although professional training may seem costly for companies, it is beneficial for companies that want to improve their employees’ skills, attract new talent, motivate their employees and adapt to the changing market. 

Indeed, it can help employees develop new skills and improve their work, which can improve their performance and productivity, as well as increase their commitment to the company. In terms of attractiveness, companies that offer candidates professional development opportunities will have an undeniable advantage at a time when the Quebec labour market is experiencing a shortage of qualified workers.  

Beyond these multiple advantages and the ability to adapt to market changes in constantly evolving sectors, among the many training opportunities, one is essential: privacy training.

What is the value of privacy training for your staff?

Formation du personnel - Staff training


There are several reasons why it can be beneficial to train your employees in privacy:


Many regulations, such as Quebec’s new privacy law or Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), require companies to protect the personal information of their customers and employees. In addition to complying with the privacy officer’s legal training obligations, employee training can help them understand and comply with these regulations.


Privacy is a growing concern for consumers. By training employees on data protection, a company can build customer trust and show them that it takes their privacy seriously.


Employee training can help prevent data breach by educating employees on good security practices and giving them the tools to protect personal information.


By training employees on data protection, a company can help them better understand how to protect their own personal information, which can improve their productivity by not having to waste time dealing with security issues.


In short, employee privacy training can be beneficial for complying with regulations, building customer confidence, preventing data leaks and improving productivity.


To know more about our services for the training of the RPRP and the staff on privacy issues, do not hesitate to contact Lex Data and Erwan Jonchères!

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