Amendment of Articles


The amendment of articles is an administrative process allowing a company or an organization to amend information appearing in its articles of incorporation, including the articles’ schedules. This legal kit is useful to amend the company’s legal name (or “corporate name”) as well as other information in the articles. Moreover, this kit allows you to amend or add incomplete or missing schedules (share capital, restrictions on transfer of shares, other provisions for a company and classes of members, declaration of intent of the organization) to your articles.

This kit includes:


– The generation by our technology of all necessary resolutions for the amendment of the company’s articles of incorporation (resolutions of shareholders and directors, registers)
– The administrative process to amend the articles towards the relevant registry (provincial or federal)
– The delivery of the certificate and the articles of amendment of the company
– The support of our customer service


*This kit does not include tax advice preparation. It may be recommended that you work with a tax expert for amendments regarding the company’s share capital or shares.
*This kit does not include current updating to registries, the drafting of a minutes book, or the change in share ownership.
*Some information appearing on the company’s or the organization’s articles of incorporation, including but not limited to the mention of the company’s founders, may not be alterable.

Amendment of Articles

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If you want to add a new share capital, we can provide you with either our 2 or 13 class share capitals

Would you like to add a schedule of restrictions on transfers of shares

In order to be able to make changes to your articles of incorporation, we need to obtain your current articles.
For any changes other than the legal name or the share capital of your company, please take a legal consultation with Lex Start Avocats.

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